# outage warning

The following services are currently offline or degraded:

# irc server

Our IRC server is available at irc.semtex.net/+6697 (SSL).

Do whatever you like, we don't mind. :^)

Come say hi in #semtex!

fingerprint (sha256)


verify yourself

openssl s_client -connect irc.semtex.net:6697 < /dev/null 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -sha256 -fingerprint -dates -noout

For newer IRC users, our web IRC client is also available. We suggest installing a client and have a helpful guide for that.

Make sure to also have a look at our channel list to find some channels to join.

# regulations

These should be pretty simple:

  1. do use common sense
  2. don't be an arsehat
  3. don't hurt our lovely ircd
  4. don't get me arrested

# personal services

semtex.net offers several free services for personal use, such as:

[login] [register]

# services

semtex.net operates several other services on it's network.

p90.zone  - a terrible collection of webms
csarchive.org  - counter strike map archive
inferno.lan  - internal lan party service

# infernolan

semtex.net runs a LAN party occasionally.

Contact us if you're in the Hertfordshire area and would be interested in attending.

## inferno1

inferno1 is currently scheduled for the 19th to the 20th of January, to register your interest please visit infernolan.co.uk for more information.

# contact

I can be reached at the following addresses, please use the correct address or your email may not be read.


(phone line temporarily out of service)

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