# hexchat guide

Getting starting with IRC is easy, you can use any client of your choice for this guide - but we suggest HexChat.

Step 1 - Installing HexChat

Start by installing HexChat from their website, you'll most likely want the Windows 7+ 64/32bit installer.

The majority of modern PCs will be 64 bit, so if you aren't sure - use this.

Step 2 - Adding a network

Once HexChat is installed and open, you will see the network list show up on launch.

Fill out your nickname, second and third choices (the nickname used if your first one isn't available - adding an underscore is a good idea for these) and username.

Click 'Add' and name the network whatever you would like ('semtex' would be a suitable name!).

Once done, select the network from the list and click 'Edit'.

Step 3 - Connecting to SEMTEX IRC

Here, you'll need to fill in the following details.

Servers irc.semtex.net/+6697
Autojoin Channels #semtex, #p90 (channels of your choice here)
Connect to this
network automatically
Use global user information Yes
Login method Default
Password N/A

Step 4 - Authenticating with SEMTEX IRC

Once you're connected, you'll want to register your new name with NickServ - a bot which handles registration of handles on the server.

You may recieve a message like the following:

-NickServ- This nickname is registered and protected.  If it is your
-NickServ- nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password.  Otherwise,
-NickServ- please choose a different nick.

If so, this means one of two things:

This username is being used by somebody else - try finding a different username that you'd prefer.

You already have an account on our network - type the following message to login, inserting your own password:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY yourpassword

If you didn't see that message, it's time to register your nickname!

/msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword your@email.here

Follow any instructions given by NickServ and you should be good to go!

Step 5 - Joining channels

Now that you're properly logged in and authenticated, you'll want to join some channels!

To start, we suggest a few such as #semtex (offical server channel) and #p90 (p90.zone).

To join a channel, type the following command:

/join #channelname

..or the opposite leave a channel, type the following command:

/part #channelname

If you'd like to speak to someone privately, type the following command:

/msg nickname hello!

For more information on IRC commands, see ircbeginner.com's list of commands.

Good to go!

You should be ready to chat on SEMTEX IRC!

Come and say hello in #semtex!